'Team Miraculous' is the name given to a group of superheroes that exist in Mew Amelia's universe for Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug - The team leader and the only one that can purify akumas. She wields the power of creation and Good Luck. Her miraculous is a pair a ladybug earrings.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir - The 'co-leader', and main offense. He wields powers of destruction, and Bad Luck. His miraculous is a cat-themed ring.

Colette Jenadore/Peafleur - The third to join, and the assassin. She has the power of the sky and Confidence. Her miraculous is a peacock-shaped belt buckle.

Ayla Césaire/Vixen - The fourth to join, and the initiator. She owns the power of fire and Illusions. Her miraculous is a fox tail necklace.

Chloe Bourgeois/Queen Bee - The fifth member and the distractor. She owns the power of earth and Sight. Her miraculous is a bee barrette.

Jack Moorington/Sea Turtle - The final member to join, and the defense. He has the power of the sea and Bravery.


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