Normal form


Sky is a loner, though she has a few friends. Proud and intelligent, a perfect fit for the White Wolf miraculous. Her tounge is as sharp as her wit, and she's as elusive as a shadow, especially in hero form.


Sky is short to average height with tanned skin. When in normal form, her long brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail, her bangs sitting just above her emerald green eyes. She wears a spiked wristband at all times, as it is her Miraculous, along with a black t-shirt, dark jeans, and black sneakers with pink laces.


Possible BF for hero form? Mostly unknown. XD Has a few people she hangs around with online and at school; she calls them "The Pack"


She found her miraculous in an old shop and accidentally transformed. After that she figured out how to use it pretty quickly. She doesn't transform to often considering Ladybug and Chat Noir do a pretty good job, but she still occasionally finds something that needs the help of a hero.


  • Lihtan Lukos, her hero name, means Light Wolf.
  • Her miraculous is made harder to see when she transforms, so its harder to steal.
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