Sage Hartly

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A draft of Sage Hartly, not yet fully fanon.

Sage Hartly is an original character created by Alestail (-cataclysms on Wattpad). Her Miraculous is a circlet, and her kwami is a squirrel-like creature called Sqandal, a play on Scandal.


Sage has long, dark brown hair that is swept to one side. It touches the area just below her bottom. Her eyes are stormy grey, though sometimes people see it as a light grey due to lighting. She is average sized, and usually wears a smile on her face.

When turned into her superhero form, Syka, she appears to be smaller. She has a rather bland leather suit, and a large squirrel tail, because she is the holder of the squirrel Miraculous. Her hair becomes shorter and is now a lighter brown.


  • Climbing: Sage is able to climb walls, and tree trunks.
  • Scratch: With her longer nails, Sage is able to scratch her enemies and leave them stunned.
  • Tailsnap: Her tail will lash out at her enemies and push them back. Her tail will also trap the enemy, suffocating them for a few seconds before she has to retreat, as this ability makes her lose massive amounts of energy.


Sage can tap her tail twice, and it will become a large battle axe. She can only hit something or someone one time before her tail goes back to normal.


Sage is somehow spoiled, but is not rude and snobby. In fact, she likes to give all her valuables to good friends, so they usually take advantage of her without her knowing. Sage is friendly to people she likes, but is mean and rude to those she does not. She is careless and does not think before she acts. She is a rowdy and playful girl, but is very disciplined during lessons.

As Syka, she is mischievous and sneaky, and is an expert in hiding in the shadows before lunging at her enemies unexpectedly. She is smarter than she usually is, and is rude and likes to talk back. She enjoys teasing and annoying her enemies. She is stronger in this form, but more prone to injuries.


  • Sage is able to see very well, but as Syka she needs to focus for a moment before being able to see clearly.
  • Her nickname is Sagie, given to her by her parents.
  • She loves to pick on people she does not like as Sage, but she tries to avoid doing that as Syka.
  • She doesn't get why girls are head-over-heels for Adrien Agreste, and thinks Adrien is overrated.
  • Sage cannot stand Sqandal's jokes, but somehow thinks Chat Noir's jokes are hilarious.


"Sqandal, climb up!"

-Her transforming cue line.

"Oh, wait 'till you see this. Tailsnap!"

-Syka before she uses her special ability.

"You're stupid, you know."

-Sage to people she dislikes.