Renee has dark brown hair, brown eyes,wears glasses,a white sleeveless shirt,brown pants and brown boots. Her watch is her miraculous that turns into a pocket watch. Its also her weapon

As Bunny Blanc,she wore a black and white steampunk top,brown steampunk belt and mint green pants suit. She has black boots and fingerless gloves also has steampunk goggles and white bunny ears


  • Super Jump - She can jump high like a bunny
  • Combat-her watch turns into a pocket watch wrecking ball 


  • Pocket watch wrecking ball -Its like a pocket watch but bigger 


Renee is a very smart and cheerful. She and her twin,Dylan are inventors. Renee is different from the other girls. Most girls go gaga over Adrien but Renee will scream for comic cons.

As Bunny Blanc,she is quiet and fierce. Plus,do not make her mad



Clockwork is Renee's kwami. He helps her transform into Bunny Blanc. Clockwork acts like the White Rabbit from a fairy tale,Alice in the Wonderland