Pippa is a fanon character created by Miraculous Cora Zone.


Name: Pippa

Age: Unknown

Species: Beetle Kwami

Miraculous: Hair Barrette

Friends: Anastasia Heartwood, Ladybug, Chat Noir,corr


Pippa is a pink fairy with antennae and little beetle-like wings. She has light blue-green eyes and a diamond jewel imprint on her forehead.


Happy Pippa

Happy Pippa.

Pippa is a very supportive yet sassy kwami. She is clever and intelligent. However, she is also very sneaky. She tends to sneak grapes whenever Ana turns her back.

Pippa does have a unique way of expressing her feelings. Whenever Pippa is expressing a certain emotion, the diamond imprint changes color based off of her mood.

Angry Pippa

Angry Pippa.

Disgusted Pippa

Disgusted/Sassy Pippa.

Sad Pippa

Sad Pippa.

Surprised Pippa

Surprised Pippa.

  • Neutral, her diamond imprint is just its regular light pink color
  • When cheerful or happy, her diamond imprint becomes golden yellow.
  • Whenever she's upset, her imprint becomes a dark blue.
  • When angered, her imprint turns bright red, the outlines of the diamond shape flailing in air.
  • If sassy or disgusted, the imprint on her forehead turns a dark green
  • Frightened, or surprised, her jewel becomes purple, and literally splits apart (for about 5 seconds)


Anastasia Heartwood

Ana and Jewel

Pippa with Ana, aka, Jewel Beetle.

Anastasia is Pippa's Master, but she is also her best friend. She's always there to give Ana advice about anything, especially when it comes to her secret romantic affair with Evillustrator (Even though she doesn't really trust him). She tries her best to cheer her up whenever she's having a hard time. Pippa is the one thing that help her boost her self-esteem and get over her shyness... with certain people, of course.

Pippa is the one thing that can help Ana transform into Jewel Beetle, her superhero alter-ego. As Jewel Beetle, Ana can fly, use super speed and fight with her staff and shield.

Jewel and Pippa

Ana/Jewel and Pippa, chibi style.

When she is in her superhero form, she becomes more

outgoing and confident. Ana becomes a lot more athletic as well, whereas her regular self, she wasn't very fast or agile. Ana also tends to obtain her sassiness when she transforms into her superhero alter-ego, not to mention her sneakiness whenever it comes to meeting her lover, Evillustrator.


  • Her favorite snack to eat are grapes.
  • She loves puns, but doesn't really love making them.
  • She loves to sneak around take food when Ana isn't looking.
  • She loves to listen to Show Tunes and Opera music.
  • Although she knows about Ana's scandalous romantic affair with her (former) arch enemy, Evillustrator, and supports her, she can't help but be suspicious about whether or not his feelings for Ana/Jewel are fake or genuine.


"Pip Pippa, Hooray!"

"Talk to the stub, cause the kwami ain't listenin'!"

"I don't have any grapes behind me!"

"I'm not sure I trust that little Evil Artist boyfriend, of yours..."