Miraculous: Legends of Gryph and Bruno is the story of two Miraculous Holders that must defeat villains.


April Pritchett is a girl born in Greece but raised in Tenesesse. After receiving a scholarship to a school in New York City, April finds herself in a place with no friends. Her luck begins to change after being given a strange necklace from a dying man. With a new found power and an unteresting Kwamii, April becomes "Gryph". All seems well but her new partner isn't keen on her as well. Even worse a mysterious woman is after her Miraculous.

Eventually she and Lux get on good terms and become the Miraculous Duo they were meant to be.


  • April Pritchett
  • Lux Riege
  • Percii
  • Elliot
  • Lexi Wright
  • Delias