When an unknown mage originally created the Miraculous, he knew he had to account for all of the kwamis born from new thoughts. The Miraculouses he made were split into two categories based on the powers they bestowed upon to their wielder; the animal-themed Miraculouses for the animal-themed kwamis, and a group of Miraculouses that were meant to link kwamis based on the four classic elements (fire, water, earth, and air).

Overtime, the group elemental-themed kwamis grew to expand several different areas, and such more Miraculous were crafted. This led to the creation of the Dark Power Miraculous as a link to the kwami Shadow. This magic jewel in particular proved to be very powerful yet dangerous, as its user's mentality would begin to dwindle into corruption and madness the more it was utilized. Eventually, an unnamed warrior attempted to use both the Dark Power Miraculous with the Butterfly Miraculous at the same time; this led to a great catastrophe that nearly wiped out a large portion of humanity. After the event, the Order of the Guardians was formed to protect and distribute animal-themed Miraculouses, while the elemental-based Miraculouses were cast far away from the land.

After the Order diminished and the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculous were lost, few of the surviving elemental-themed Miraculous re-emerged in present-day England; these were immediately found by the last surviving Guardian Wang Fu, stored in a wooden box, and transported from many places before being acquired by Voran, a former scribe-turned-researcher of Miraculouses.


Main characters

  • Hans Alexopoulos / Thunderbolt - An eighteen-year-old Greek-American who currently resides in the Manhattan borough of New York City after moving to pursue a career of minimalist art. Incredibly kind, hard-working, and outgoing in nature, Kevin first received the Electric Miraculous and Flash after receiving a mysterious package, and thus becomes the newest famed superhero Thunderbolt.
  • Manny Ramirez / La Mago Grande - TBA