Lux Riege is a student and superhero who is the current holder of the Bull Miraculous. With his magical helix located on his ears, inhabited by a kwami named Elliot, he has the power of strength and can transform into the superhero Bruno.


Lux was born on U.S. soil to Australian Diplomat Elena Riege who was visiting at the time. Although he was unexpected (Elena didn't even know she was pregnant) Lux was born healthy. Elena treasured young Lux, taking him all around the world with her while he was homeschooled by his Nanny. Eventually Elena married a man named Michael Riege who treated Lux like his own son. Despite everything Lux was always fascinated by his Birth Place, America, and eventually left to live there. During his time around the world, Lux received his Miraculous in Morocco from an elderly woman.




Lux owns a lasso when in Bruno's form. Much like Ladybug and her yo-yo, he is able to purify with his lasso.



Elliot is Lux's Kwamii.


Lux is the first person April met upon moving to New York. Lux loathed April at first since she was more of a burden to work with and replaced his mentor. He eventually finds out her real identity after they both untransformed in front of each other. Eventually she caught up to him in abilities. In real life Lux and April met on her first day after she tripped and her lunch went all over him. Lux was frustrated and the two began to loathe each other. After finding out her identity as Gryph, along with the reason she is in New York, Lux began to see April in a different view. After she saved his life, two became good friends are cover for each other.