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Kevin Alexopoulos is the main protagonist of Miraculous: International Quest and an original character created by Jekyll. An 18-year-old Greek-American, Kevin was born and previously lived in Greece before moving to Manhattan in order to travel abroad and to enroll in the New York Academy of Art. He is the current wielder of the Electric Miraculous, and with the help of his kwami Flash, he can transform into Thunderbolt, the warrior of strength.


Physical Features

Standing at 6'2" with a tall and lean muscular frame, Kevin has a fine skin tone, hazel-brown eyes, and jet black hair in the form of a "short-straight casual" hairstyle. Other distinctive features include a small beauty mark below his eye and thin black eyebrows.

Civilian Attire

When outside of his home, Kevin dons a white V-neck t-shirt on top of a black long-sleeved shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and red and white sneakers. He wears his Miraculous (in disguise mode) on his left wrist.

As Thunderbolt

As Thunderbolt, Kevin's hair turns completely white and grows slightly messier. A translucent visor covers his eyes. He wears a collared grey vest emblazoned with silver plates and gold accents on top of a black spandex-like top with protective pads on his elbows and shoulders. On his arms are silver and gold-accented bracers connected to black fingerless gloves. Separating his top half of clothing from his bottom half is a silver belt with a yellow lightning-strike emblem. He wears black pants with protective pads on his knees and silver boots with gold highlights.

Aqua Form


Ice Form

When transformed with "Flash-Freezer", Thunderbolt's outfit receives a number of modifications. His collar gains a white outline, the circular silver plates on his vest now take the form of hexagons, the gold accents on them are now replaced with white diamond-shaped ice shards, and his spandex-like undershirt gains a sleeker texture with the same ice shards replacing his elbow pads. His arm bracers are replaced with black fingerless gloves that reach a little bit below his forearm and have white edges. The protective pads on his knees are gone and his silver boots are removed too, with the legs of his suit fully covering his feet as well as yellow soles and ice skating blades. The same diamond-shaped ice shards are now on his ankles and hips, and he wears a white belt with a circular yellow emblem resembling the Electric Miraculous.






  • Magic Puffs: After obtaining the potions that contain the power-ups from the Miraculous spellbook, Kevin carries a container of miniature cream puffs for Flash to eat in order to access these power-ups.