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Kaari is a kwami that is connected to the Puma Miraculous, which is a pair of leather goggles in the current possession of Taria Maven. When called upon, Kaari inhabits the goggles, turning Taria into her superhero form, Lionne.


Because they are both felines, Kaari looks alike to Plaag, but light brown with feminine amber eyes. Despite the similarities, the two are most likely not related. The whisker on the top of her head is missing, though the two on each cheek remain. 


Kaari's personality happens to mimic her current owner, Taria's, personality quite alot. She is a fast thinker and agile, but more hot-headed then Taria. She prefers sunny spots and often rests in them when not fighting akumatized villains. However, she is easily bored, so she can be fairly annoying when she doesn't have anything better to do.


Likes most kwamis, she is able to fly and levitate. When occupying her miraculous, she gives the wearer extreme strength and speed, making them a formidable foe in combat. The special power she grants Taria is Roar, which disables enemies and puts them off-balance. However, it drains Kaari's power to the point where Taria only has 5 minutes until she turns back into civilian form. To regain Kaari's strength, she must be fed; she prefers anything cinnamon, but likes toast the best.


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