The Gryphon Miraculous is a Miraculous necklace that transforms the owner into a Gryphon hero with the power of the sky and air. The necklace is currently owned by April Pritchett who uses it to transform into Gryph.


Overall the necklace is a textured with details on a a grayish-gold chain. When April is not Gryph, the necklace is bronze and has a button on the back that pushes out metal feathers. When Percii enters the necklace, it becomes different shades of gold and the feathers automatically extend. If April uses Roar of The Sky, the wings go back inside the necklace.


The Gryphon Miraculous grants its owner strength, courage, and flight. The weapon used by the holder is a spear that can be split into two of them. The special ability is Roar of The Sky, giving Gryph the ability use them to make loud roars, blowing people away or distracting them. But is it is not used, they can stay transformed for as long as she needs and if used the transformation wears off. It is said that if the Gryphon, Bull, Walrus, and Goat Miraculous are used by the same person, they can control all four elements.

The Gryphon Miraculous's transformation outfit varies per person. For April she gains a light brown mask, a tan mini jacket, golden feathers below her, and a very light tan body suit. On her head she gains a helmet and has feather wings on her back.

Much like how if the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous are used together, the holder will achieve absolute power, if the Gryphon, Bull, Seahorse, and Phoenix Miraculous are used together, the user will gain control over all four elements.


  • Prior to April obtaining it, The Gryphon Miraculous has only been used by males