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Fiona Collet is the current holder of the sheep miraculous. With the help of her kwami, Bouu, she can transform into her superhero alias, Aries.


Fiona has pale skin and long, pale blue hair that she likes to keep tucked behind her ears. Two hairclips help to hold her hair back on the left side of her head. No matter how many times she tries to push it back, she seems to always have a cowlick that falls in the middle of her face.

As Aries, she wears a grey mask with stone-like markings on the nose and tan curled horn earmuffs on her ears. She wears brown gloves and short brown boots. The middle fingers on her gloves as well as the mid-toe area of her boots are colored black. Her suit is primarily colored a light grey and has fluffy wool that adorns her neck. Aries also wears a belt with the aries zodiac symbol as the buckle to hold her short fluffy tail and her weapons.



Mia Collet




  • Fiona owns a beta fish named Ramses in her room.