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Draak is the kwami that helps the holder of the Dragon Miraculous turn into a dragon hero/heroine.


Draak is a green dragon with little dragon wings. He has a tail and dragon ears. He also has green eyes and sharp little fangs that can be seen when he smiles.


Draak is a curious little dragon that is also fierce. He gets into trouble sometimes but knows how far to go and how much trouble something could cause. Being loyal to Lisa and supporting her in times of need, he encourages her to spread her wings and take flight. (As Dragoness and as Lisa) He shows a love of reading once he starts to read Lisa's stories and books. He likes adventure and action books, especially books about dragons. Draak has a soft spot, this is whenever Lisa is sad or upset; he comforts her and tries to do what he can to make her happy. As he likes her happy personality. Sometimes he breathes or hiccups a plume of fire when he's lying; and if he is lying, then that means he got into trouble or is saying something to please Lisa.


Lisa Dawson

Draak is loyal to Lisa and supports her. He helps her with life's troubles and keeps her happy. He sometimes causes trouble for her, although she can never stay too mad at him. Draak helps Lisa understand the importance of willpower and tells her that she needs to spread her wings and take flight or take a few risks. This helps Lisa open up more and it widens her knowledge and willpower.

Draak aids Lisa and helps her transform into Dragoness when she says, "Draak, Scales On!" When he enters the Dragon Necklace, Dragoness gains more willpower and has the ability of flight and strength. As Dragoness, she is more willing to fight and is much more agile unlike her civilian form. This alter-ego also causes Dragoness to take more risks, especially in combat.


  • Draak loves spicy and hot food
  • He turns a bright red whenever he is angry, like Dragoness