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He has dark skin and black hair and brown eye, he also wear a short sleeves white shirt and blue jeans, he wear redd and white shoes, he seem very well clothing in any ways possible.

But he's wearing a hat with a a short sleeves white button shirt under a short sleeve vest, and he also wear black jeans and black shoes when he became The Vodoo Master, and still have dark skin and brown eye and his hair are under his black hat when he became a villain.


He friendly and good to everyone who know him, he hate when someone bully his friends or someone else, he is very protective over other when they are in a bad situation, he's cheerful and very funny when someone know him better, he's also a very good student and magician he love to present his tricks.

But when someone make fun of him and his tricks, that will make him sad, its why he will became bitter at first and go to be a supervillain, because as a supervillain he will have revenge on people who make fun of him because of tricks.


Uldric Sullivan

He's his father its him who teach him about tricks and magic, he want to be like his father when he go to be adult, because he really want to be a good magician like him, and doesn't want to deceived him in any ways.

Derek Sullivan

His younger brother, he do love his brother and want to spend time with him, they also have fuyn and laugh togheter because he like to show him his tricks, he doesn't anything happen to him and will protect him no matter what.

Lillian Snow

Well this girl he do really like her, actually he has a crush on her, but she just see him as a friend, and he seem to be very shy to tell her his feeling, he doesn't want her to think that he's weird or something else, but he just doesn't know how to tell her.

As a Villain

He doesn't perform his tricks at he does with his good side, he's more to attack people and imprisoned them in his orb to put tricks on them, he has Voodoo doll who he make grow up to trapped people inside them.