Cherise de Sauveterre is a fanon character created by Anna W, aka TheFanficFanPony. She is a student who is akumatized by Hawk Moth.

General Information

Name: Cherise de Sauveterre

Age: Same as Marinette/Ladybug

Akuma Item: A Notebook

Power: Any character she writes in her notebook will be brought to life- but only temporarily.

Family: Adam de Sauveterre (younger brother), Isacc de Saveterre (younger brother), Mrs. De Sauveterre (mother), Mr. De Sauveterre (father)


Cherise is a light-skinned girl with long brown hair that falls over her face. She wearing a simple, short-sleeved black dress with a white jacket over it (open in the front) and the dress has a white collar and a light lavender tie as well. She also has large, dark green glasses. She has black boots and black leggings as well.

When she becomes Madame Literature, she has a dark purple suit jacket and a black skirt. Her outfit looks similar to Hawk Moth's and she has a light lavender tie just like her normal outfit. She has tall black boots with dark purple leggings underneath.


As Cherise, she is a very smart but shy girl that loves to write in her notebook. She is a huge fan of Ladybug (in-universe, of course) but also knows about Hawk Moth and is actually a big fan of his. However, people have made fun of her for her fanfictions and short stories, and this eventually causes her to turn into Madame Literature via akuma. She has a crush on Alya.

As Madame Literature, Cherise is a lot more confident, but still retains the sweet nerdiness of her normal form. She can write any character in her notebook (which her akuma is contained in) and they will come to life - but only temporarily. Her main enemies as Cherise are not Ladybug and Chat Noir, but Mariposa and Coonskin, holders of the butterfly and raccoon miraculous.