April Pritchett is a girl from Greece and current holder of the Gryphon Miraculous. With her magical necklace, inhabited by a kwami named Percii, she has the power of flight and can transform into the superhero Gryph. Her Miraculous has the control of the element air.


April born in Greece and adopted by Leroy and Kathryn Pritchett. She was raised in Nashville with two siblings (the biological children of Leroy and Kathryn) and eventually Leroy and Kathryn decided to split up on friendly terms. Due to April's high grades she was offered a scholarship in New York for High School, staying with her Aunt and Uncle. After three days in the new city April encounter a seemingly homeless man. The man collapsed in front of her and had a seizure, but gave her his necklace telling her to not let anyone take it. It later turns out that the man was Jason S. Tucci and gave her his Miraculous April must also balance life in a new city with her responsibilities




As Gryph she is able to fly with her wings, however in return for flight she is not agile on her feet like most of the Miraculouses. Her weapon is two spears that can combine into a single one. Her special ability is "Roar of The Skies" which allows her to make loud roars, blowing people away or distracting them.



Percii started out not trusting and or liking April since she was very inexperienced. With time Percii became closer to April and trusts her fully. 

Lux Riege

Lux is the first person April met upon moving to New York. Lux loathed April at first since she was more of a burden to work with and replaced his mentor. He eventually finds out her real identity after they both untransformed in front of each other. Eventually she caught up to him in abilities. In real life Lux and April met on her first day after she tripped and her lunch went all over him. Lux was frustrated and the two began to loathe each other. After finding out her identity as Gryph, along with the reason she is in New York, Lux began to see April in a different view. After she saved his life, two became good friends are cover for each other.

Lexi Wright

Lexi is April's best friend other than Lux. She is goth but has a love for flowers. Around her neck is a bandana. It is highly implied that she is the Bee Miraculous.