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Amy Shrai is a student at Collège Françoise Dupont who is akumatized after a conversation with Ladybug. 


As Amy, she is energetic, especially around friends. She is often teased for having a crush on Cat Noir, though she is supposedly unfazed by it. After an akuma attack, once Ladybug left, Amy approached Cat Noir, asking if there was a time and place they could meet when he wasn't busy. Unknowingly, Ladybug was listening from around the corner, and took Amy's words for flirts. She tracked her down and let Amy know that Cat Noir would have no time for dates, then promptly left, leaving Amy jealous and annoyed. Hawkmoth senses her anger and sends out an akuma, which touches the main wolf charm on her bracelet. She is akumatized and Hawkmoth calls her Moon Heart, offering her Cat Noir's love in exchange for his and Ladybug's miraculouses.

As Moon Heart, she retains her love of Cat Noir (much like Copycat did for Ladybug) and wishes not to harm him, but Ladybug, who she feels stands in her way.


As Amy, she has shoulder-length black hair with a pink highlight and hazel eyes so light they're almost silver. She wears a gray shirt with a wolf pattern on it, a light pink over-coat, jeans, and sneakers. She is also always seen wearing a small charm bracelet with wolf and cat faces on it.

As Moon Heart, her hair is unchanged, and she wears a light gray/silver skin-tight suit with no sleeves, an ivory belt with matching boots and clawed gloves, and adorning her head and face are white wolf ears and a white mask similar to Cat Noir's, though the edges are pointed. Her charm bracelet holds the akuma and glows like the moon. With it, she can summon spectral wolves to fight at her side. Her weapon of choice is a polished silver staff with a wolf carving on the top.