Amy "Absol" Agreste is the fanon sister of Adrien Agreste, and was created by AbsolTheHiroPone.

Absol is an aspiring artist, and the current holder of the Midnight Miraculous. With the help of her kwami, Miidnight, she can transform in to the heroine Midnight Soul.


Absol has long, yellowish blonde hair that's tied in to a ponytail with bangs loose. She has pink, purple, black-purple, blue and white highlights dyed in to her hair. She has emerald green eyes, darker green than that of her brother's eyes. She wears a shall type of garment, which resembles the wings of Midnight Sparkle from Equestira Girls: Friendship Games, long purple shorts and lavender tights that have darker purple triangles on them. (resembling the same tights Adagio Dazzle wore for the majority of Equestira Girls: Rainbow Rocks) She wears pink knee high boots with black tips and soles. Additionally, she wears her Midnight Miraculous necklace all the time, which is a pink star.

As Midnight Soul, her outfit looks very similar to that of Midnight Sparkle's, with a purple skin-tight suite to give the look of her having purple skin, a strapless purple and pink top that has a belt of spikes surrounding the bottom of it. Additionally, she wears a short skirt, like Midnight Sparkle. She has a pair of purple silicon pony ears, a teal unicorn horn which is attached to her mask of the same colour. Her eyes change colour from emerald green to teal blue pupils with purple irises. Her hair stays the same as in her civilian form. Midnight Soul also has pink arm braces and pink boots with wings and teal soles.


Absol is solitary, but intelligent. She is artistic but can seem kind of cold towards a lot of people, meaning people often don't want to be her friend. She will often be seen alone, in the corners of the school, keeping a keen eye on her brother. If need be she will not hesitate to step in to make sure Adrien is OK and situations stay under control. When she cares about someone or something, you can easily tell as she is kind towards them or talks about the subject a lot.

As Midnight Soul, she keeps her solitary and intelligent personality traits. She also keeps her quick to step in if ever Ladybug and Chat Noir need help in battles from her civilian form. The only thing that has changed is the fact that she is a lot more hostile, and would be considered a threat to Paris if she wasn't fighting on the "good" side.