Amaii is a kwami that is connected to the Deer Miraculous, which Eena Trotter currently owns to be Whitetail.

She is an original character created by Slasharu on Tumblr.


Amaii is a small light brown creature with a large head and a small body. She looks very similar to the appearance of a deer, having small antlers, deer ears, and a white-tailed tail. She has white spots on her face, reddish brown eyes, and has two long strands of fur near her ears.


Amaii is sweet and calm. She is very happy and energetic. Though there will be times where she becomes a little manipulative, just to make things right.


Eena Trotter

Both of them share a sisterly relationship. Amaii always supports Eena in any desicions she decides. And she tries her best to convince Eena to be more outgoing to gain more interests.

There will be times where Amaii becomes a little worried for Eena, as she thinks she will never get new friends, so she sometimes get manipulative.


Amaii is able to fly and levitate.

As a kwami, Amaii gives Eena her power of gracefulness* and transforms her into Whitetail with the Deer Miraculous.


  • Amaii's name is based on the word "amai", which means "sweet" in Japanese.
  • Her spots on her face is based on the face markings of Cynder in the video game series "The Legend of Spyro".